Women’s march for peace and justice

A group of women will walk from Duesseldorf (2 September) to Wiesbaden (24 September). Our aim is to build a political force against the instigators of genocidal wars, and systematic violence against women. What spurred us to embark on this action was the situation faced by the Eelam Tamils on the island of Sri Lanka. […]


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We will walk approximately 15 km per day. We call on women to walk with us for a few kilometers or the whole march! See what to bring.

Sat. Sept 2. Demonstration in Düsseldorf. 11-13.00. Walk from Düsseldorf to Holthausen. Public meeting in Holthausen

Sun. Sept. 3. Walk from Holthausen to Langenfeld

Mon. Sept. 4. Walk from Langenfeld to Leverkusen. Public meeting in Leverkusen

Tuesday September 5. Walk from Leverkusen to Köln. Public meeting in Köln

Wednesday September 6. Rest day in Köln

Thursday September 7. Walk from Köln to Niederkassel

Friday September 8. Walk from Niederkassel to Bonn. Public meeting in Bonn

Saturday September 9. Walk from Bonn to Konigswinter

Sunday September 10. Walk from Konigswinter to Remagen

Monday September 11. Walk from Remagen to Bad Hönningen

Tuesday September 12. Walk from Bad Hönningen to Leutesdorf

Wednesday September 13. Restday

Thursday September 14. Walk from Leutesdorf to Neuwied

Friday September 15. Walk from Neuwied to Koblenz. Public meeting in Koblenz

Saturday September 16. Walk from Koblenz to Braubach

Sunday September 17. Walk from Braubach to Kestert

Monday September 18. Walk from Kestert to Sankt Goarhausen

Tuesday September 19. Restday

Wednesday September 20. Walk from Sankt Goarhausen to Lorchhausen

Thursday September 21. Walk from Lorchhausen to Bingen am Rhein

Friday September 22. Walk from Bingen am Rhein to Ingelheim am Rhein

Saturday September 23. Walk from Ingelheim am Rhein to Mainz. Public meeting in Mainz

Sunday September 24. Walk from Mainz to Wiesbaden. Public meeting. Thileepan commemoration

Solidarity statements

Message to Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul (in German and English)
(in English)
(in Tamil and German)
(in German)

Utstein Group

Pictured above from left to right international development ministers: Hilde Johnson (Norway), Claire Short (UK), Eveline Herfkens (Netherlands) and Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul (Germany) (image source)

Nathan Thambi campaign

Nathan Thambi and Anandarajah are challenging the German state to acknowledge the criminal actions taken by the EU in 2006 to destroy the Sri Lankan Peace Process at the behest of the US, by banning one party to the talks under terrorism legislation, which lead to the terrible genocidal war that was started soon after […]